TKG or Tamago Kake Gohan (Raw Egg Over Rice) is a Japanese simple yet very popular breakfast.   

Golden yellow yoke is achieved by natural ingredients.  



Our team management would like to thank our customers for giving us an opportunity to service you for all these years.  We are hoping to re-join the wonderful local vendors in the future!  

Our eggs are also available at

7-eleven stores on Oahu

(with limited quantity)    ​

Best by date= for raw consumption

Use by date = for cooking & baking

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Home of Waimana TKG Eggs

   7-Eleven Store

Fresh vegetables from local farmers are always available at OK Poultry.  

Unique vegetables like Okura, Bitter Melon, and Okinawan Sweet Potatos are must try veges!  

​State of the art washing & grading machine imported from Japan!

OK Poultry LLC

Fruits & Veges

Waimana TKG 

Cafe Kaila now serving 

Waimana TKG Eggs!   

 After the machine analysis, each egg is   carefully inspected and packed by hand  

Kaiser Farmer's Market  Participation Discountinued  

We are extremely humbled and honored to become a newly member of Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce.